Sale conditions

  • Validity

The general sale conditions and supply terms are the only ones valid to be applied to all the sales made by Máquinas Marinas S.L. and they mean obligation for parties, buyer and seller, to have to comply with the general terms detailed below, unless otherwise agreed. They are included in all the offers and contracts. The offers are made without any engagement and they are subject to the order confirmation. All the expenses and taxes incurred at the time to place the order will be on the buyer’s account.

  • Suplly terms

They are detailed and regulated by the Delivery Note or Contract only. All details to be provided are without any engagement, unless there were clearly expressed rectifications of this point. Any change on the content of the delivery note or contract will require a new order.

  • Delivery time

The delivery time will start counting since the moment the order has been placed and all the technical and economical requirements have been cleared up. The delays in the delivery of goods will not cause any penalties or responsibilities, unless the seller has accepted them expressly and in writing.

Once the delivery time has ended without the buyer’s acceptance to have the goods delivered, they would be stored and the buyer will take care of all risks and all the expenses caused.

  • Delivery and transport conditions

The delivery of the goods will be understood free of charges on our store. The goods always will travel on the buyer’s risk and account regardless the conditions stated in the order.

In case the buyer makes the pertaining request, we will take care of the shipment of the material following its instructions in accordance with the provisions of the former paragraph.

  • Prices

The sale prices are understood for goods placed in our store or auxiliary workshops. All the prices will be free of charges. Any claim made by the buyer will not justify the withholding of payments and the non-compliance by the buyer of its engagements. Payments con not be modified unilaterally either due to a lack of pieces/accessories or because of further works carried out in compliance with the guarantee obligation.

If the delivery takes place before the buyer has completed the payment of the whole price, the mentioned material will be considered of shared ownership until the buyer complies in full with the agreed payment obligations. In case of suspension of payments by the buyer and if this one did not offer the necessary guarantees with regard to the object of the order confirmation, the seller will be allowed to resolve the contract and to claim for the corresponding compensation.

  • Data protection

The data shown on the Delivery Note, Contract or other documents will be included in the seller’s computerized records in order to carry out the service, to make the commercial follow-up and, eventually, to send the buyer all kind of information about the products and services. The mentioned data will be confidential and the seller will only use them for such a purpose following the legal rules governing the Personal Data Protection.

If you do not wish to receive any commercial information or if you want to take a look at the data or to request their correction, please contact us in our address in writing, indicating your full name and address clearly.ean recibir información comercial o quieren consultar sus datos o solicitar la rectificación de los mismos, les rogamos nos lo comuniquen por escrito a nuestra dirección, indicando claramente su nombre completo y dirección.

  • Guarantee

Máquinas Marinas S.L. guarantees the supplies against all kina of construction faults for the same period of tine offered by its suppliers.

This guarantee means the replacement of the material and gets into force starting with the supply notice. The return of the material will not be accepted after 8 days from the date of supply.

The fact of making replacements of elements in guarantee will not cause any prolongation of the said guarantee, regardless the reason for the replacement.

It will be the seller’s responsibility when the problems arisen are shown in the operation conditions contemplated in the contract and subject to the correct use of the material.

With regard to the pieces or elements that were purchased, the seller’s responsibility will be limited to the claims in the guarantee that the seller itself would have against its supplier.

The seller’s responsibility is restricted to the repair or replacement of the damaged item, without reaching any other responsibility, without recognizing in any case and in no way a right to compensation for damages. The replaced or substituted items will be available for the seller.

The seller refuses to accept any responsibility that may arise from the instructions given by the buyer.

The guarantee for the supply ends if the buyer makes or carries out any alteration that is not contemplated in the product instructions or without the seller’s written consent.

  • Circumstaces exempting from any responsibility

It will be considered as causes exempting from any responsibility those which obstruct the compliance of the order/contract, the labour conflicts and no matter what other circumstances beyond the parties will, such as fire, industrial action seizure, embargo, general shortage of materials, restrictions in the use of energy and other similar ones.

  • Arbitration

Any dispute that may arise directly or indirectly between the buyer and the seller on occasion of the contracted sale will be referred to the magistrates and courts of the seller’s domicile.